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>> live, this is abc7 news. >> the american auto industry is back. home values are on the rise. we are less dependent on foreign oil. >> if the president were elected, he would continue his war on coal and oil and natural gas. when i am elected,we are going it change course on energy. >> mitt romney and barack obama speaking just moments ago in the final push of this campaign. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the race is razor tight, the tracking poll of this campaign before election day shows president obama leading romney among likely voters, 50-47 percent. we have karen travers live in chicago, with the latest one day before we vote. >> reporter: good evening. the candidates are wrapping up their final exhausting push to win votes. this race is tight. it is going down to the wire. both campaigns say they have the winning formula. >> are you fired up?
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[cheering] >> are you ready to go? >> reporter: it was a mad scramble to the financial line. for months, they have been criss-crossing the brattle ground states. tonight, president obama and rim mitt romney were just 10 miles apart in columbus, ohio. >> here's the thing, ohio. we know what change looks like. and what he's tell -- selling ain't it. >> reporter: the president has jay-z. [singing rap] >> reporter: and bruce springsteen. >> i am going to be flying with bruce springsteen on the last camday i will ever campaign. >> reporter: the race has been deadlocked for weeks, but today, the president open up a slim lead in the abc news tracking poll. ohio is the most important battleground state. the president has the edge according to poll, but romney's not going down without a fight.
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with the race going down to the wire, each campaign is expressing confidence in their ground games. the president wrapped up his campaigning with an emotional event in des moines, iowa, a state with a lot of sentimental value for the president. nearly five years ago, his win launched his journ tote white house. but tomorrow, he will be here in his home city of chicago, waiting for election results, just like millions of americans. live from chicago, karen travers. >> karen, thanks very much. it is officially election day in dixville notch, new hampshire. they vote at midnight and the voting has started. they do this both in the primaries and the general election. the town's 25 or so registered voters, all gather to cast their ballots at midnight. and the polls are closed one minute later and the votes are counted. this is a live picture fromdixvn day is here. the rest of us will begin to vote in the next few hours.
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mitt romney just finished speaking in mancheffer, new hampshire. many pundits notice a difference, romney is more uplifting andop mystic, compared to earlier in the campaign. >> but it is also the depth of our shared conviction that has made me strive even more to be worthy of your support and to campaign as i would govern, to speak for the aspirations of all americans. >> reporter: mitt romney will campaign in cleveland ohio, and pittsburgh, pennsylvania, on election day tomorrow. meantime, the political intrigue continues over another bit of election-day activity in california. who is contributing to a huge infusion of cash, into the political committee opposing governor brown's proposition 30? this is even after state campaign finance regulators revealed the major source of funding for that tax measure, designed to help the schools. nanet miranda is in sacramento with the story. >> reporter: after a legal battle that almost ended up at
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the u.s. supreme court, the arizona-based americans for responsible leadership finally revealed who gave them that mystery their 11 million campaign contribution. >> they disclosed, an intermediary, the largest instance of money laundering in california history. >> reporter: in a letter, the money came from americans for job security, which funneled it to yet another nonprofit, center to protect patient right, before sending it to arl, arl sent it to the small business action committee pac in california, to use against governor brown's tax measure for schools, proposition 30, to win approval for proposition 32, which aims to curtail labor unions' political power. one of the groups is tied to david and charles koch, the billionaire brothers who are financing anti-obama ads in swing states and banke rolling tea party candidates. >> these are two individuals worth over $3 or $4 billion, who
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have promised to spend $200 to $300 million on conservative candidates with pacs and nonprofits. >> reporter: they hope voters look past the donor list and see the prop 30 tax hike as a bad idea. >> governor brown has raised $57 million for our side and the other side has $13 million. >> reporter: but the governor says the donor los list shows wy rotors should be suspicious. >> this is the most extraordinary money laundering ever seen. it's washed five times and it's dirty and it still stinks. >> voters got their information in time for the official. but the shell game could bring misdemeanor charges and fines equal to the donations. >> now, abc7 news will be working around the clock to bring you up-to-the-minute
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election updates. at 3:00 p.m., we will have live reports from the obama and romney headquarters. at 3:30, abcworld news, followed by live election coverage at 4:00 p.m., at 8:00, when the polls close here, you can get bay area and california results from abc7 news. we will have a local broadcast at that time. we are expecting then, abc news returns with national coverage, prime-time coverage at 8:30. an hour of local results right here on tv 20 and a wrapup on abc7 news at 11:00, over on channel 7. hope you can join us, it's a big and important day. we will be here with you, all night. >> that's november 6. for the moment, it is november 5. it feels like june 5. gorgeous weather in the bay area. spencer christian is here. >> we had quite a few records, i had to look at the calendar twice day to make sure it's
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november. santa rose a84, oakland, 84, oakland airport, 79, sfo, 79, all new records for this date, record highs and more. 84 in san jose, 98 in gilroy and salinas airport, 96 degrees. not only set a new record high for this date and for the month of november. salinas airport, 96 degrees. what will tomorrow bring? i will have the accu-weather seven-day forecast coming up. it has a little bit of everything. >> see you then. all evidence points to this, being the crat once stood over the mojave desert in southern california, missing for two years and the subject of a supreme court battle. well, we found it today, on the peninsula. we sent a camera crew to the scene, after getting a tip this morning. we found the missing cross on skyline boulevard, south of highway 92 in san mateo county. we have more with david louis.
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>> reporter: the cross was found pie by the gate to a property on skyline boulevard in the hills above san mateo. attached, a note saying it is the mojave cross: the cross has been atop sunrise rock since 1934, erected to honor those who served in world war i. but it was cust off the base and covered by a wooden box at that time as a result of a decade-long legal battle because sunrise rock sits in the national preserve and the aclu argued it violates the separation of church and state. they have been planning to dedicate a replacement on sunday, for veterans day. >> it's closure. hopefully, if it's the real one. if not, we have the property and a replica to put in its place. and we also have a replica of the plaque that was tollen, that's going to be mounted on
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sunrise rock. and we are moving forward. >> reporter: the mojave cross site is in remote san bernardino county. barstow is the closest city. where it was transported to san mateo is a mystery. it was nearly impossible to find it when they went to see it. with veterans day coming up, was guilt a factor? >> do people have guilty consciences? i don't know. some do, some don't. so... if that's the case, then it's authentic and then, hey, thank you for returning it. >> reporter: for now, the cross is in the custody of the san mateo county sheriff's office. >> we will reach out and notify our detective bureau to get in touch with southern california and see if we can get this cross back to its rightful honor in its rightful spot. >> reporter: the mojave cross is being held at the sheriff's substation in half moon bay. leaders in sacramento hope to get possession before then of the week to take it back down to the mojave desert, where many veterans will be gathering for
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the rededication of the replacement cross. >> tragic, but necessary. that's how jurors describe their decision to convict a former school principal for failing to report a case of suspected child abuse involving a teacher. lynn bejaentrin wept as the jury read the verdict. the 36-year-old was principal at the san jose elementary when an 8-year-old student told her the teacher blindfolded her and put a strange substance in her mouth. the district attorney hopes the verdict is a warning to other educators. >> she needed to be held accountable. we needed to be able to send a message to the rest of the mandatory reporters in our community that their obligation is to report, not to investigate. >> she will not go to jail. she was sentenced to six mons probation, $602 fine and community service. jurors sympathize with her but say she must face the consequences.
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>> she didn't do what she knew she should do. she had a suspicion and she didn't act on it. the consequences wereabominnable. >> the teacher, this man, craig chandler is facing lewd conduct with five of his students. >> a lotted more to bring you. the know the limit has been reached if san francisco thinks nudity has gone too far. your right to go naked on city streets and the coverup attempt now underway at city hall. another big milestone for the 49ers tonight. an important new element of the new santa clara stadium is in place. feeling stressed? maybe not as much as the next guy. turns out there is a generation gap when it comes to feeling anxious. odds are you use it. how one of the biggest mom: ready to go to work?
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>> heavy lifting today, we wanted to show you at the construction site of the new 49ers stayed jum, big chunks of concrete weighing as much as 35,000 pounds were put into place. it's been 7 months since ground was broken. look at it -- it looks like a
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stadium. 60% of the stadium steel has been installed. and the outside structure is expected to be finished next month. the stadium is on track for a planned opening opening in 2014. we wanted to share the progress. san francisco lawmakers moved a step closer to banning public nudity. the supervisors committee urged the full board to pass the proposal after one supervisor said there are too many naked guys in his district walking around. carolyn tyler has the story from the castro. >> reporter: the declaration of independence, yes to body freedom-- >> reporter: a san francisco supervisors meeting unlike any other, a hearing on a proposal to ban public nudity. though it would be citywide, the measure is aimed at the so-called naked guys, letting it all hang out, just about every day for the past couple of years at a plaza in the castro. >> you know, we are born this way. this is, you know... this is your true expression of self.
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>> reporter: supervisors believes enough is enough, even in a city known for tolerance. >> that doesn't mean that anyone can do anything they want, anywhere at any time under any circumstance. there are always some basic standards for our public spaces. >> reporter: weiner, who represents the castro, is proposing the ban, with exceptions for parades, fairs and festivals. his hearing brought out the pros and cons. >> the idea that the body is obscene or indecent is learned behavior, which i believe makes it a form of bigotry. >> it's just appalling behavior that is keeping not just me, but many other residents from the area. >> reporter: nudist it is like ginsy, the single mother of three, see it as a civil rights issue. she was detained, given her clothes back and escorted out of the city hall. >> in my view, it's if it's good enough for the castro, it's good
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enough for city hall. my constit wens have to deal with it every day. >> reporter: they are carefully tracking the measure, approved by committee today, and goes to the full board for a vote later this month. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> well, some business news, palo alto-based insta stagram is expanding to the web. it was created for mobile phones, now users will have a profile, bioand snapshots they have shared on instagram, a little like facebook. netflix adopts a poison pill, approving a new policy, borrowing outsiders from acquiring more than 10% of the company stock. this is all aimed at preventing a hostile takeover from billionaire carl icon who, bought 9.9% of netflix last week testile motors reported a $110
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million loss last quarter, bigger than last year. but the ceo assures that tesla is past the difficult time. >> if you have a car that happens to have a convertible top, now's the time to be moving around in it. >> it's amazing. you can believe it's november 5 with record-high temperatures? in the 80s and the 90s. east bay hills, looking across the bay on this clear, moon-lit night. it's also quite mild in the bay area. on the doppler 7 hd, no coastal fog, no marine layer, that's one of the reasons for this very warm weather. we are waiting for the marine layer to come back, but not tonight. right now, 68 here in san francisco, all 68 at half moon bay, 70 across the bay at oakland. the cool spot, santa rosa, actually, faire field, 54, napa 58 and santa rose a59. the cool spots are in the north
9:19 pm
and northeast. on we go. warm tomorrow, much cool or wednesday, temperatures will drop shamply. on thursday, cold showers and perhaps moving into friday. lows tonight will not be very low at all. it will be a very mild overnight period with the lows in the mid to upper 50s. and then tomorrow, election day, here's your election day planner. it will be a sunny day and warm again. notice, sunrise, 6 time time 41. warmer at the coast than anywhere else and cooler in the inland locations than anywhere else. by mid-day, mid 70s. later in the afternoon, by 4:00 p.m., temperatures around 78, around the bay, up to 80 inplanned only 70 on thest, starting to cool down in the later afternoon. and that continues into the evening hours with further cooling. still, under mainly clear skies until later tomorrow night. satellite image shows a big cold air mass in the gulf of alaska, moving in our direction, bringing much cooler weather by
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the end of the week. we will start the forecast in the afternoon. notice the fog will surgeck to the coastline, late tomorrow into the evening, when the cooling begins. so this is a very short-lived warm spell we are having. but it will be warm tomorrow, before the cooling starts in the south bay. highs in the low 80s and if it does top out at 81, that will be a new record high for tomorrow's date. excuse me. on the peninsula, upper 70s to 80. if mountainview reaches 80, that will be a record high. mid 70s on the coast. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 77. 75 in the sunset district, in the north bay, upper 70s to low 80s. mainly low 80s in cloverdale, cal stowing a. on the east bay, 79 in oakland and castro valley and fremont. inland, low 80s in antioc, walnut creek and near monterey bay, the heat is on, low 80s in santa cruz, watsonville, mid 80s
9:21 pm
in morgan hill and holister and salinas may set records for november 6. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. sharply on wednesday. cooling continues on thursday and friday with a chance of showers both days. by sunday morning, a chance of frost in the early-morning hours as the cold air mass settles in here. >> that's a big change. >> huge change. >> thank you. well, this is a day of giving here in the bay area and around the nation. how can you help the victims of hurricane sandy. stay with us. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. heading into the holidays you look for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, get a super low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll!
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>> as power is restored in parts of the east coast, after super storm sandy, some people are relying on portable generators
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for electricity. but firefighters are responding to a lots of carbon monoxide scares, generators have been a factor in at least nine deaths. now, a week after the storm, still 1.4 million homes and businesses are in the dark. why so many are trying generators. fema is trying to find housing for potentially tens of thens of people left homeless by the storm. a big obstacle is finding space for mobile homes. what they don't need, forecasters say a noser easter -- nor'easter, forming in the gulf of mexico could hit the east coast by wednesday. remember the dangling crane? it's been secured. because the storm was so severe, the crane did not cause any fatalities. potential buyers are still lining up to buy condos in the building, selling for up to $90 million. at 90 stories, the building is the tallest residential condo tower in new york. sandy's victims need quite a bit of help, obviously.
9:26 pm
that's why our network, abc, is partnering with the american red crotionz to make today a day of giving to help the millions of folks affected. amy hollyfield with the bay area's effort. >> the red cross has served 1 million meals to storm victims on the east coast. but the nonprofit agency needs your help in order to keep providing relief. >> sometimes, people have the perception that the red cross may not need any more donations, they're so big and there is the misconception that perhaps we are funded by the government, which we are not. we are funded by the generosity of the public. >> reporter: that's why abc has teamed up with the red cross for a day of giving. a phone bank on good morning america kicked off the day and different abc shows will ask for donations throughout the day and night. the company's donating $2 million and will match donations from employees. >> rest assured that none cents out of every contributed dollar is going directly to those in
9:27 pm
need. >> reporter: your money helps supply emergency vehicles like this one. five from the bay area have traveled east to help. they have meals, snacks and wate on board. donations also pay for hygiene kits and cleaning supplies, essentials that help people return their lives back to normal. >> $50 will pay for shelter, food, toiletries and a roof over your head and a hot meal near one person for a whole day. >> now, disney kicked off abc's day of giving with a $2 million donation to the american red cross. you can help by texting abcto 90999 or call 1-800-help-now or go to so far, more than $12 million have been pledged. let's keep it coming.
9:28 pm
the fiery assault on the muni bus. a world series reveler facing charges. and the million-dollar tab the city is facing. >> plus, the unprecedented effort to cover tomorrow night's election returns, online, you will have access to a lot more than just numbers this time around. i'll plain. and expensive electricity. the ballot measure that could force some homeowners to pay $700 a month, about the same bill as ♪ [ male announcer ] start with an all new award winning car. good. now find the most hard core driver in america. that guy, put him in it. what's this? [ male announcer ] tell him he's about to find out. you're about to find out. [ male announcer ] test it. highlight the european chassis, 6 speed manual, dual exhaust, wide stance, clean lines, have him floor it, spin it, punch it, drift it, put it through its paces, is he happy? oh ya, he's happy! [ male announcer ] and that's how you test your car for fun.
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>> a young man charged with smashing the windows of a muni bus after the giants won it is world series faced a judge today. his attorney says he accepts responsibilities for his actions, but the man says he's not guilty. vick lee explains. >> reporter: gregory granis is
9:32 pm
not denying he's the man in this photograph. using a heavy metal barricade to smash the windows of a muni bus on the sunday night when the giants clinched the world series. the 22-year-old marin county native walk intodz the hall of justice today, accompanied by his lawyer and his parents. >> the san francisco giants victory was amazing and it really brought out the best of san francisco and unfortunately, the worst in gregory. >> reporter: others in the crowd helped vandalize the bus. the driver managed to get his eight passengers off, the bus was torched, the bus which the city values at about $1 million. simon timony was beaten runconscious by a mob when he tried to stop the vandals. he told abc7, he saw granis help destroy the bus. >> he's like a monster. lifting this huge gate and pummeling this vehicle, with people inside. you know, you think, how the -- how can anyone, you know... live with themselves or even get in the mind-set to do that? >> reporter: granis pleaded
9:33 pm
not guilt tow felony vandalism and tampering with a passenger bus. but he may have more legal problems. >> we are also exploring the possibility of getting restitution from him, you know, he will be held liable for the damages to the vehicle. >> reporter: with granis fighting back tears, attorney douglas rappaport says, he helps san francisco will forgive him. >> he is ashame and very, very sorry. he will set an example, making amends. he hopes that san francisco will find it in their hearts. >> gas consays the apology is nice, but granis put the bus driver and passengers at risk. >> there is a possibility that some of those people could have been injured. so we are appreciating the fact that he is apologetic. but nevertheless, there are consequences of bad behavior and this is really bad behavior. >> reporter: granis. >> caller: who has no criminal record joys bail of $40,000.
9:34 pm
police are still looking for those who torched the bus and they are relying on the public, again, for tips. >> bate right back to election day. hum bolt county is seen as a haven for marijuana growers, but one city is trying to keep it under control with the help of voters. arcadia has many home-grown operations like this one. people have colonel plained the operations have become too dangerous to have next door from, fire danger to vicious guard dogs to shady characters visiting at night. tomorrow, voters in arcadia will have an option to impose a 45% electricity tax for potential growers, any home that uses at least three times the electricity of the average home would have to pay the tax up to $700 a month, if it passes, the measure's supporters hope it will force some growers to leave. if not, they estimate it would raise $1.2 million a year in taxes, if those folks choose to
9:35 pm
stay and pay the bill. woo have extensive online coverage planned for you tomorrow. plus, our mobile site and our apps. we will have realtime votes in the bay area and around the country and we will post updates as we receive them. and on twitter. as jonathan bloom explain, this year's online election coverage will be more important than ever. >> reporter: on google's famously spartan home page sits a tiny reminder of a big event, certain to break records. >> last time youtube, there were a billion views for election-related videos. this time, videos tagged romney or obama have been viewed almost 3 billion times. >> reporter: youtube says on the sites's politics page, videos from partners will sit side by side with posts from ordinary use eshz. >> commentary about the key issues, the things they they want to talk about.
9:36 pm
>> reporter: the voices have a flip side, says this senior. >> sometimes the analysis can get lost, if you are looking at results. you don't always know what it means. i hope to provide context. >> reporter: she will be live blogging from washington on policy mike, writing for a generation of college student who is don't often have tvs or radios. >> the internet is the main access. >> reporter: the canking land w's scape chaimpls how we cover it. remember, four years ago, the ipad didn't exist. now there is a possibility you are watching with one of these in your lap. >> big news evens are experiences for people watching tv and at the same time on their mobile phone or with a tablet. >> reporter: while the biggest races are featured on tv, you can find live results in our mobile apps as well as on the web site. and the social media team will be reading. >> we will be looking for what people are talking about, about the election.
9:37 pm
>> reporter: twitter will be watching and updating its political index, or twindex. on the eve of the election, it showed a race too close to call and even closer in the swing states. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> well, if you have trouble voting tomorrow, you can report any problems to abc7 news. we have election night hotline. 1-877-222-7777. that number is posted on our web site as well. all right, a friendly face and a helping hand. still ahead, he is like a one-man team, spreading kindness just about every night of the week. stay wit
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>> a new study shows that people in their 20s may feel more stress at work than older people. it looked at how many people called in sick over the last year because of stress. 67% of those 18 to 24 called in sick. that number fell to 54% for those 25 to 34 and it continued to fall for older workers. one psychiatrist involved in the study suggests that younger people may put more pressure on themselves to succeed. they are just starting out, after all. he believes younger people may be more aware of the signs of stress and more comfortable calling in sick because of it. interesting. well, it is not hard to find a homeless person in the east bay. but it is rare to find someone who cares enough to spend most of his evenings caring if are for them. we found such a man in concord. afterward, eric thomas went on one of his patrols. >> this is just something there
9:42 pm
wear in the department of corrections, in the jail. >> reporter: doug stewart is not a cop, but where he works, this is essential attire. that's because he patrols central contra costa county, five nights a week, looking for the homeless. >> that ought to last you a long time. >> almost every night. >> reporter: his goal is to help them survive on the hard, cold bay area streets. >> there is a daytime outreach team. but as far as nights go, i'm the only one for our whole count gee although it's how he makes his living, for dowell doug, this is more of a calling than a job. he started working with the homeless about 8 years ago. council members were debating legislation concerning homeless people and doug decided he needed a better understanding of the issue. he began going to homeless encampments and soon realize, he had to help. >> nobody else is doing this. somebody has to. there has to be somebody here for these people in the middle
9:43 pm
of the night. >> reporter: he does this five nights a week from 8:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning. he knows where to find the homeless, like this storage room in an auto repair sho turned boa bedroom, probably without permission this. private road sloongdz an office building with a couple sleeping outdoors. the help he can provide is limited. clean socks, blankets, snack foods and water. his time and a friendly ear. >> he's got a new kid, you know? he goes out there in the streets and goes into the deepest, darkest spots of the city. >> reporter: he is married with two children and one on the way. he says his wife has learned to accept what he does, so are the local police departments, who were at one time, wary. >> officers feel comfortable calling him when they run into somebody on the street in need. >> give me the knife, just in case. >> reporter: that man gave up his knife in exchange for a ride. doug sees a lot of knives on the
9:44 pm
street. he's never been cut, but a man did hold a knife to his throat a few weeks back, to police, who disarmed him. that makes his cell phone indispensable, for calling for help and saying good night to his kids. >> hi, baby. >> reporter: if you are still asking why doug chooses to do this every night for a modest salary, sometimes buying sly supplies out of his own pocket and missing the chance to tuck his kids into bed -- you are not alone. >> we have had that conversation a couple of times. i think the core of it is simply, he believes it's his calling, it's his passion. >> reporter: in concord, eric thomas, abc7 news. >> doug stewart, doing good work handicapping the presidential race. the win by the giants and how it could be a big clue about who will win the white house tomorrow. stay with
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
>> new, keep this in mind, once you voted tomorrow, you can post one of these badges to your facebook wall, available on with a few hours to go until the first election day votes are cast, almost everyone has a prediction about who will win. while some of those predictions rest on polls and scientific data, others rely on less conventional methods. here's david wright. >> reporter: washington redskins win the last big game before a presidential election, it's usually good news for the incumbent. well, the redskins lost, ergo, romney will win tomorrow. not so fast, sparts fans.
9:49 pm
more often than not when the national league team wins the world series, the in thees win, too. the giants swept. ergo, obama wins. the quirky indicators are all over the map. for instance, the taller of the two candidates tends to win. obama at 6' 1" is an inch shorter than romney. since michael dukakis, people have noticed the eyebrow index, the guy with the neatest brows tends to win. in this case, obam a. at ooh bc, we have your voice, your vote. your coffee, your decision. red for romney or blue for obam a. here in denver and across the country, apparently, obama is comfortably ahead. according to one new study, voters can correctly predict the winner 81% of the time. even if they strongly support the other guy. which chia candidate's more popular? which cookie's more appetizing? none of it matters.
9:50 pm
chances are you already know who will win. david wright, abc news. denver. >> there is the old eyebrow factor. >> you ever check out spencer christian -- >> neater -- neater than al roker. >> oh, brother. >> today's high. we had several record highs today. a day of amazing warmth for november 5. tomorrow, we expect another warm day. but first, let's talk about the big storm, tomorrow, moving up along the atlantic coast, a nor'easter that by wednesday, the day after the election day, could batter portions of the already battered coast, hit hard last week by super orm sandy. tell contain strong, gusty winds and heavy rainfall. here's our seven-day forecast. another warm day, possibly a couple more record highs and we cool down on wednesday. further cooling on thursday and friday and showers likely, and then cold mornings, as
9:51 pm
temperatures plummet. that's a big change. >> i just hope this lasts. >> let's do a quick eyebrow inspection. very nice. >> well groomed. >> yes. you know, not well mannered, but well groomed. >> i never claimed that, though. mabeline is the look. the battle of northern california, warriors and kings within down to the wire. can golden state
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> coming up at 11:00, this election eve, the first votes counted, how they voted in dixville notch. we showed you live pictures of that. what it says about this election. dusty, the clepto kitty is back. he became a worldwide sensation our our report. has he given up his life of crime? those stories and more at 11:00. hope you can join us then. warriors on the road, i guess. >> not too far away, in sacramento. they have a tough early-season schedule. 7 of the first lfl 11 games are on the road.
9:55 pm
tonight in sacramento, against the kings, weird, plastic pieces falling from the scoreboard. look at keith smart, with the quick, former warriors coach, guiding sacramento. this block, harrison barnez going the other way, getting it done. golden state up. but sackac came on strong -- carl landry lost the ball, going the other way. thomas robinson -- kings up at the break. warriors erase a 16-point deficit. time winding down. clay thompson going for the win -- back rim with 1.6 seconds left. kings made one of two free throws. .8 left, curry got a look at it, kings win the first game of the season, 94-92, warriors fall to 2-2. problems for the raiders, darren mcfaden and mike goodson suffered ankle injures, a high ankle sprain for mcfaden in
9:56 pm
the loss to tampa bay. unclear if either of them will go on sunday. the raiders goes got shredded by doug martin, who goes by the nickname of-- the muscle hampster. martin was born in oakland, went to high school in stockton. he turned into the muscle hampster at boise state, 5' 9", 225. he ran for 251 yards and four touchdowns! in the 42-32 win. he's a good runner. they were running well coming into the game and they ran well against us. we have to do a better job eliminating the things where they don't become 10 or 15-yard gains, but we have to get them to 10 or 15 yards and not, you know, 70. >> monday night football, beleaguered michael vick and the eagle, awful start. on the goalline in the first
9:57 pm
quarter, pass off the mark, picked off the 1 yard line. patrick robinson -- aloooo-- we didn't let him get to the ends zone. riley cooper takes the pass from brandon bicyclen and goes all the way, but they reviewed it, it was an illegal forward pass. that's the way life works for philly. they have lost the fourth in a row. saints victorious, 28-13. when the giants went to the world series in dwayne kiper described it as tort and you are then the coach was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and he beat it and founded the torture cancer foundation. there was a bunch of januaries staffers at the fund-raiser. harris barter and mark gardner who, lost his wife to cancer.
9:58 pm
dave talked with mike should you man about the purpose. >> the foundation is giving back as a visual distraction inside the oncology rooms. if have you a distraction, we can take the fear out of it and put hope in there. my foundation is looking to rebuild hospitals across america. this is what this tournament is all about, raising money, to better the -- the sound systems in the waiting rooms for chemotherapy patients. it is a lot of good coming out of this. it was easy to get behind this. >> this is a great cause. we all somehow have been affect bide this awful disease and we know how it... we get people down. he will try to get people up. we are here to help him and support it. and we will do it as long as we have to. >> terrific cause there. one of the most emotional and touching locker room scenes in indianapolis yesterday. the stanford quarterback thrown for a new nfl rookie record in the win over miami.
9:59 pm
and the sidelined coach appeared in the locker room after the game. he has been out, battling leukemia, which the doctors say is now in remission. >> i'm living... see two more daughters... get married, dance at their weddings and hoist that lombardi several times. [cheering] we are going to hoist that baby. i am dancing at two more weddings and we are hoisting that trophy together. [cheers and applause] >> that was really emotional. >> wow. >> what a powerful moment. all right. thanks. >> well, that's this edition of abc7 news. i'm dan ashley, thank you for
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